Student Life

Rooted in Student Success.

Every student has a Student Success coach who works with the student
as an individual, to support their academic goals, and further their social-emotional development.


Bryn Mawr’s advisory program is a cornerstone of the unwavering support we provide each student. We ensure that every girl has an encouraging adult who is present and involved in her academic and extracurricular life. Upper School advisories are grouped by grade level and stay together through the division. Advisory time may be dedicated to wellness or leadership programming, group activities, or spent relaxing and socializing as classmates and friends.

Student Led Clubs

Bryn Mawr Online offers numerous clubs for our students in conjunction with our Bryn Mawr in-person students.  Clubs meet in the afternoons and include offerings such as : Women in Business, Robotics, Arts Council, Student Government Association, and more. Each club is led by a student(s) and has a faculty member who advises students. 
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Student and Family Support

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  • Student Success Coaches

    Upon enrolling, each student is assigned a Student Success Coach. Our Student Success coaches partner with students and parents to navigate the online academic learning experience, discuss academic goals, and monitor student progress. Upon enrolling, each student is assigned a Student Success Coach.
  • Learning Support

    We offer several programs which support students beyond the classroom. Our academic support team works with students to enhance general study skills, planning and organizational strategies. Additionally, we offer a peer mentoring program for all subjects. Students from the Baltimore, Maryland  campus serve as peer mentors. There are also opportunities for Bryn Mawr Online students to serve as peer mentors for all students who attend Bryn Mawr.
  • Learning Communities

    We aim to develop learning communities across the United States, and eventually globally, that empower girls to become future leaders, and ready for the world they will encounter in the future. We view the learning communities as extensions of our Bryn Mawr School campus in Baltimore, Maryland. Where shared experiences, intellectual discussions, service opportunities, meetups will lead to a rich experience for students to learn from one another and emerge as our future leaders.  
  • College Counseling

    The college admissions process is a partnership venture that brings students, parents, and college counselors together for the support and encouragement of each student. Throughout the process, the overriding goal of the college counseling office is to help students look within themselves for clues to what is important in the search for an appropriate post-high school experience. During their Sophomore year, every student is assigned a College Counselor to guide, advocate, and support students and families through the college admissions process. 


List of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • How are the schedule and class times determined?

    The schedule for the upcoming academic year is determined after the enrollment process concludes. Typically, academic classes will be finished by 1 pm and the afternoon is reserved for activities such as advisory, office hours, community events, and much more.  Classes meet synchronously Monday thru Thursday. Friday is an asynchronous day that provides time for students to work on course material, meet with their teachers and students, etc. You can view a sample course schedule here.
  • What are the Bryn Mawr Online School graduation requirements?

    Our graduation requirements can be found on our diploma requirements page.
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