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Visting Author Sarah Ghazal Ali Visits English Classes

Students in BMOS English 9 and 10 were joined by the poet Sarah Ghazal Ali for a discussion about one of her poems and her creative writing process. Sarah is the author of Theophanies, forthcoming in 2024 and selected as the Editors' Choice for the 2022 Alice James Award. She is currently a Stadler Fellow at Bucknell University and the poetry editor for West Branch. Her poems have been published in POETRY, American Poetry Review, Pleiades, the Rumpus, and more.
BMOS English students read Sarah’s poem “Elegy with New England Roadkill” and had the opportunity to ask their questions about the poem to the poet herself. Students asked about repetition they noticed, color imagery, and whether the poem, a reflection on animal roadkill, was inspired by a specific event in the poet’s life. Students also asked a range of questions about writing; Sarah offered advice for managing writer’s block and taught students about one of her favorite poetic forms (and, incidentally, her namesake), the  “ghazal.” The discussion with Sarah brought the course unit on poetry to a close and prompted students to extend their thinking about empathy, the theme of the course, to include humans’ responsibility to other forms of life.