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Is an Online High School Right for You?

First things first. We’ve all read about the challenges presented by remote learning during the pandemic, but the reality is that many students thrive in an online environment. Now, many families are looking to make the switch to online high school, for good. Is it right for your family? Here are the top five reasons students opt for online over a traditional bricks-and-mortar school.

Seeking Academic Challenge

High-quality educational opportunities can vary greatly depending on a student's location. Many students who enroll in an online high school seek a rigorous academic experience that they may not have access to currently in their geographic area. Additionally, some students are ready to move at an accelerated pace that their local school system cannot support. Online schools can offer advanced coursework and place students based on their current academic level and not solely rely on a student's grade for placement. 

Flexibility without Compromise

Some students are pursuing talents and passions outside of the classroom, whether it be athletic, performance-based, artistic, or entrepreneurship. These students need flexibility built into their schedules to pursue their interests. Yet, they do not want to compromise the academic experience. Nationally-ranked online schools provide students with the necessary flexibility for their schedules without compromising on academic coursework. 

Personalized Learning Experiences

Students who enroll in online high schools have access to a variety of materials and tools to aid in the learning process. Specifically, online high schools that offer synchronous instruction allow students to interact with their teachers and classmates, much like they would in a traditional classroom. Instructors use many different tools including, breakout rooms, chat, video, and digital tools, to connect with their students. Because all of these tools and resources are posted online, students can access class materials at any time. 

Pro tip: Make sure the online high school you are considering offers teacher "office hours" and a student success coach. Office hours allow students to meet with their teacher one on one to reinforce concepts and answer any lingering questions. A Student Success Coach works with the student and family to make sure their academic goals are being met and helps to monitor progress. Your student should be known and supported throughout their academic journey.

Students Thrive Learning Online

Over the last eighteen months, when schools shifted to distance learning, many students found that learning online worked very well for their academic growth and wished to continue learning in this environment. However, many schools have abandoned online learning or not allocated the necessary resources to offer their students a robust online academic experience. Nationally ranked and accredited, online high schools are an excellent option for students who find that learning online works best.

Pro tip: When considering an online school, look for schools that also offer experiences to students beyond the classroom. Some online high schools provide leadership development, civic engagement, additional STEM programming, and enrichment activities outside of the school day. 

Optional Learning Year-Round

Online high schools may offer optional summer coursework, allowing students to earn credit for taking a summer course. Students choose to enroll in an accelerated summer class to move quicker through a field of study, open up time in their schedule the following year, or balance their free time in the summer with academic coursework. Many students comment that focusing on a single class over the summer leads to a deeper understanding of the course materials. 

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